These are the various shifters we build.

From Ultra to Complete to AutoCross to Custom.

One of those may fit your needs.

Ultra Shifter with Arm

The Ultra Shifter ( often referred to as Ultimate) is a complete redesign of the factory shifter . It replaces the shift lever, the selector rod and the front coupler as well  as the shift arm. This shifter solidifies the components and makes them most ridgid and changes the geometry of the mechanism by replacing the shift arm.

The Ultra shifter is an integrated mechanism. It is designed to be installed in its entirety and not piecemeal. It is a night and day improvement over OEM both in the precision of the gear engagement and the repeatability of the pattern . 

Routinely Available*

e46:  M3, 330i 5 speed, 325i

e36: M3, 328, 325

e30: M3*, 325 86 on

e28: M5, M535*, 535 86 on

e24: M6, M635*, 635 86 on

*Additional upgrade available

Ultra Shifter without Arm

The Ultra Shifter without  Arm ( often referred to as Ultimate) is a redesign of the factory shifter and not only replaces all the components but changes the geometry of the mechanism. However because the OEM arms on the models it covers are excellent this shifter reuses the arms and changes the geometry through a revolutionary cartridge pivot. 

The Ultra shifter without Arm is an integrated mechanism. It is designed to be installed in its entirety and not piecemeal. It is a night and day improvement over OEM setup both in the precision of the gear engagement and the repeatability of the pattern Price is generally between $469 and $499 and it is offered on a several models. 

Routinely Available*

Routinely Available*





e9X, e8X

e46: 330i 6 sp, 330xi, 325xi

The above two kits represent different building techniques that work optimally for the models covered. So one is not better than the other. Often we get asked why there is no arm offered for the lower pictured mechanism. The short answer is that it is not needed and including it would raise the price of the shifter several hundred dollars for no improvement in performance.  However, the arm replacement is absolutely needed for the earlier models . Go here if you need more technical information on that subject 

Complete Shifter

Far more than an entry lever shifter this mechanism replaces the complete mechanism with a better built more durable unit. This mechanism retains the factory shift bracket and pivot ball. The factory geometry remains unchanged.

While not as precise and repeatable as the two above products, this shifter mechanism will hold its own again anything else on the market. We have made every effort to compromise as little as possible so that the performance is as close as possible to the Ultra class of shifters. In some cases we got close and those shifters are available to purchase.  In other cases the end result while much better than OEM was not up to our standard so we do not produce them. Prices vary from $350 to $475

Available for 

Bavarias, 2.8 and  3.0 cs and the like, 2002s

E21,23,24,28,30,32, 36 (most) , 39 (most), 46 (Some)


This  shifter is Madman. Originally designed as a custom handmade shifter it is now receiving enough attention to justify building it in mini batches. This is the best we can offer to date . it is more precise and repeatable than the standard ultra class and slicker to shift as well. A rifle bolt.

This combines the techniques and elements of both Ultra kits.  The shift lever is beefier, the pivot revolutionary and the whole contraption sits in a specially built bracket to preserve correct geometry. it is priced at $580.

Only Available for 

e30 M3, e30 325i

e36 M3, e36 328

e46 M3 and e46 330i 5 speed

Custom Work

Whatever strikes your fancy. This category includes projects as varied as 2002 5 speed mechanisms to color coordinated Z3M shift mechanisms.

Say your favorite knob is a Honda S2000 knob that will not fit a BMW shifter without creating a structural problem or you simply want a cue ball to shift that e9xM3

Or you are racing a 3.0csi or an e30M3 and want something that feels unreal. Or that Z4M needs a little tweaking. This is where the fun starts.

At one point or the other every shifter was a custom job. That is how the Ultra was created and  how the AutoCross came to be and the special bushings came to be used in the e9xm3 shifter and the bizarre M2C shifter was built. No reduction e36M3 , no reduction e46m3, No reduction 1M., e60M5, X3 etc... You name it we likely have built it

No project is too bizarre