Early Vehicles Pre 86

1. From 1972 through 1985 all shifter brackets or arms are made of stamped steel

2. Most steel brackets connect to the transmission using 2 or rarely 4 isolation blocks. these blocks are rubber filled aluminium mounts.

3.The shift levers are 2 piece units acoustically isolated. The upper part is threaded steel through model year 81 then thin aluminium of various shapes after

4. The lower part is steel with a steel pivot ball and is currently NLA

5.the pivot is held in place between two half bushings and retained in the arm using a circlip.

6.The rear arm is supported using a rubber mount installed in compression and connected to the body of the car

Later Vehicles 86 on

1.In 86 the shift arm is now cast aluminium

2.early aluminium arms connect to the transmission using one round bushing later upgraded to one oval bushing . Newer arm connect using two oval bushings

3. The shift lever are 2 piece design acoustically isolated. In the early nineties the upper and lower sections of the lever no longer separate.

4.Early levers used a steel pivot ball through late nineties. Since all pivot balls are molded nylon.

4. Throughout the eighties, the rear mount is rubber cylinder that supports the tail of the shift arm. The cylinder is upgraded to as much stronger model circa 1992