The bracket where the shifter mechanism sits is a critical part of your setup.

The best linkage in the world would perform poorly if installed in a wobbly support.

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Your bracket is either aluminium 1986 on or Steel Pre 1986

Always renew or upgrade the connection between the front of the shift bracket and the Gearbox

1986 and LATER CARS

Bushings are either Oval or Round

1. OVAL BUSHINGS 1995 on

$49 When Bought With a Shifter, $80 Separately

This fits most BMWs from 1995 on.

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This is the OEM Rubber bushing. A pair is included with every shifter we sell unless otherwise indicated. Decent when new with superior noise control but not the best at stabilizing the shift arm. 

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This is our 3 piece 95A Urethane Bronze shifter for Maximum precision. Long life, very resilient and does not take a set like hard thermoplastics.

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This is our 3 piece 80A Urethane Bronze shifter sligthly quieter than the 95A and almost no loss in precision

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This is our 3 piece 80A+ Urethane Bronze shifter . It is an 80A with a secret sauce almost the same amount of precision than the 80A and with near OEM noise control.

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2. ROUND BUSHINGS 1986-1995


Fits Most BMW 1986 thru 1995

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The  OEM bushing shown above is used in late 80s early 90s BMW with the aluminum shift bracket.These brackets are connected to the gearbox using a single bushing that is rather puny. As a consequence the shift arm tend to wobble greatly. Most these round bushing were paired with a rear support that is problematic to say the least

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The AutoSolutions upgrade is to machine a round bushing out of Urethane Spring material. This is industrial quality urethane used in large machinery as valve springs. Extremely resilient yet soft enough to absorb noise. The two outer Urethane shells support a bronze sleeve that spreads shifting loads over a greater portion of the urethane than would be possible with just 

What about the rear shift arm Support? Click here 

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About $30

If you have a stamped steel bracket housing your shifter mechanism, it is extremely important to keep that bracket stable . These brackets are supported at the gearbox by Isolation blocks. Those are aluminium doo-hickeys that isolate the bracket from the transmission noise. (See red arrow) .  Like us these degrade and fail with age. Examine and replace the isolation blocks . We carry OEM blocks in stock for your convenience or you can buy them from your dealer. There are two sizes so email us with the last 7 digits off your VIN and we will send you the part numbers.

What about the rear shift arm Support? Click here 

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